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The Signature Programs of the Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are programs that have proven beneficial to the Penn State Community and are consistently executed each semester/year. Compilation programs such as "Alpha Week" and "Ebony & Ivory Week" will frequently include programming that accomplishes some or all of the National Programs as mandated by the General Organization. It is our goal to align ourselves with the General Organization in order to utilize proven resources and tools that translate into valuable, efficient, and effective educational programming at Penn State.


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Alpha Week

Alpha Week is a series of programs hosted over the period of one week that aim to exercise the goals of the Gamma Nu Chapter of affecting positive change in the community through volunteering, making useful and life-impacting information readily available, and bettering student life during and after the college experience. The series of programs will most often be themed after one or more of the Fraternity's National Programs. Each year's line up may vary, but the goal is to constantly improve and build signature programming that can be repeated throughout the years to come.

Ebony And Ivory Week

The unique aspect of Ebony And Ivory Week, chartered as a collaborative effort with the Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Beta Fraternity in 1984, is that it does not rely on the exclusive efforts of the Gamma Nu Chapter. A week long, series of programs touch on topics to include issues of racial and ethnic diversity, gender, culture and sexuality. Since Ebony And Ivory Week's inception, the Gamma Nu Chapter has collaborated with various student organizations to utilize our common interests and goals in delivering resourceful information while promoting a diverse environment. The material discussed and evaluated during this week are often times inspired by the social and/or political environment of the time. The major benefit of this series of programming is bringing individuals from a multitude of backgrounds together who may have not had the opportunity to do so in another setting. UNITY.

In honor of Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a 1952 initiate of the Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., contestants are solicited from the Penn State Community to perform their oratorical skills. This program allows the opportunity for students to reflect on Dr. MLK Jr.'s life and legacy, and to express his words through the lens in which they view the world. Contestants compete for monetary prizes in front of an audience of their peers. In the past, audience members have also had the opportunity to earn prizes for their attendance. This event has often times been encouraged and promoted by faculty/staff members. In the latter years, the Gamma Nu Chapter was allowed to host its signature program during the Dr. MLK Jr. Commemoration Week, and has at times combined this program with the programming of the Dr. MLK Jr. Commemoration Week Committee.

Elegant. Intellect. Talent. One of the most prestigious events held at Penn State, the Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant And Ball exemplifies honoring the profoundness that is womanhood, and the talent and intellectual strength that come with it. The Pageant is a nationally recognized event that provides the opportunity for women students to showcase what makes them extraordinary. Stemming from the efforts of various Alpha Chapters, the first National Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant was in 1976. The Gamma Nu Chapter's inaugural Scholarship Pageant was held in 1999 at Penn State and has remained a jewel in programming since then. The crowned Miss Black & Gold and Miss Gold are honored with scholarship prizes, collaborative programming with the Chapter, as well as opportunities to compete in the various levels - District, Regional, National - in order to further their influence and opportunities with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. The prestige of the title is recognized across wherever the winners may venture as our value and honor for the crown is held high. We love our Queens.

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Our Signature Initiatives are programs and activities that are sustained through collaborative efforts, memoranda of understanding, and/or outside financial assistance, which are frequently held and improved each year.


One of the aims of the Fraternity is scholarship. In keeping to this aim the Chapter constantly promotes the success in the academics of our colleagues as well as amongst ourselves. Study-A-Thon is a program held during finals week of each semester. The program provides a quiet environment for students to study as well as food and beverages. The Chapter has been grateful to the Paul Robeson Cultural Center in its continuous support to and assistance in hosting this program.​

Phinancial Literacy

Phinancial Literacy aims at expanding our knowledge and access to information regarding our financial lifestyle. A common point of feedback for students regarding institutions of higher education is the failure or limitation to teach important life skills as a fundamental requirement. The majority of times students must seek out this information, but very rarely is it obvious to do so. The program utilizes financial experts and local resources to ease this burden. Ultimately, our goal will be to compile useful tools and references in an easy-to-navigate format in order to be accessed and available to our Penn State Family.

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The Chapter is indebted to the individuals, student and non-student organizations who often times have enthusiastically assisted us in executing our Fraternity Aims. We are humbled by your continued support. Many of these organizations will be featured on our 'Resources' page and linked, if available. Below are organizations who have partnered with the Chapter to provide sustained programming by providing resources that are unique to their organization. It is our goal to continue building lasting partnerships and to expand upon this list.

The Paul Robeson Cultural Center (PRCC or the ROBE) was named after Paul Robeson, whose numerous intellectual, athletic, humanitarian, and artistic achievements serve as a model for all college students.

In addition to offering a variety of educational and engaging opportunities and programs related to diversity, leadership, racial identity development, social justice, and community building, the PRCC provides office space to ten different student organizations.


The PRCC has been a continued partner with the Chapter in providing space for various programs, the most consistent being Study-A-Thon.

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