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Creative Partnership Application

If you are interested in a Creative Partnership with the Chapter please utilize this application.

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For individuals who possess a skill, talent, or specialty and would like to gain more experience or build their portfolio using the members or events of the Chapter. A Creative Partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship where we offer you opportunities to utilize your skill, talent, or specialty while having you as a resource in the event that we need your service. This is a non-contractual, non-exclusive agreement as there are no requirements for participation. In the past we have been utilized to build photographic, cinematographic, and journalistic portfolios. We welcome individuals in any and all fields who think that this opportunity may be beneficial to them. We ask that you respect the inner workings of the Chapter as to keep all behind-the-scenes activities as trade secrets. All work and services provided may be used by the Chapter for promotional material with credit given to you where appropriate. However, we will not prevent you from utilizing the work you use for your personal use. We simply ask that you do so keeping the professional image of the Chapter and Fraternity in mind. We are seeking voluntary service, but special benefits may be afforded to Creative Partners such as discounts on Chapter events or other exclusive opportunities. Monetary compensation may be discussed.


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